After spending over 15 years in the weddings and events business, holiday planning is another wing to my bow that’s a natural fit. I am highly passionate about travel, and a meticulous organiser and can’t wait to help you plan that next getaway! As a family of 2.4 children based in Wiltshire, we are a keen travelling family (this may be my own doing) with a couple of amazing vacations to Disney, road-tripping across the Rockies, eating our way through Italy, and sunning it in Dubai. With these under our belt, I have top recommendations for those family-friendly hotels, great villa stays for groups as well as the best Disney tips and for those more adventurous souls, those once-in-a-lifetime trips! I am a firm believer in having something to look forward to and I definitely need a big dose of vitamin D so let me help you plan your next holiday!

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